Recapping Our Top Articles for Sports Admins, Coaches, Parents and Players From 2020

We did it! We made it to 2021! And while we think it’s safe to say most won’t look fondly back at 2020, watching the sports community come together in such a difficult time, was an inspiring highlight of the year. Some of the brighter moments we had at TeamSnap were finding unique ways to utilize the software, launching Health Check and providing valuable resources for our customers to implement on and off the fields. 


Even though 2020 is behind us, many sports are still on pause, while some may be navigating the nuances of a safe return to sport for the first time. No matter where your sport may fall on this spectrum, many of the resources from 2020 are still applicable in our current climate and may be for some time to come. We’ve pulled together our top articles for sports organization admins plus our top articles for coaches and parents from the past year to help continue navigating the unexpected in 2021.


Top 5 Articles for Sports Organization Admins & Coaches



Top 5 Articles for Coaches & Parents

Some of our other most viewed articles this year also focused heavily on player wellness and enrichment during a time when nothing was very normal for kids. Here are our top five articles from 2020 on keeping kids engaged and active while at-home.



Here’s to 2021 and hoping to continue empowering our customers to return to sports with confidence and take the work out of play.


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