Top 4 Ways to Use TeamSnap Assignments

The TeamSnap Assignments feature is a favorite of ultra-organized parents and overworked coaches. Finally, there’s an easy way to manage your volunteer tasks—or assign someone manager duties and let them do it—right from within the TeamSnap app.

So, how are people using Assignments? From the “Duh” to the “I never thought of that!” here are four of the top ways to enjoy Assignments.

1. Bring Stuff to the Game

Use Assignments to track who’s bringing everything from snacks to all those little things that come up during a game—hair ties, Bandaids, extra gear, and Sharpies. Simply enter an assignment for anything at all and either allow volunteers to sign up or assign them yourself.

2. Do the Things You Don’t Want To Do

Or maybe they’re just the things you don’t have time to do or need help with. Either way, assigning tasks like field prep, clean up and concession duty is perfect for Assignments.

3. Plan Parties

Pre-season meeting? Post-season BBQ? State champs celebration? Bachelor party? No matter what the reason for the get-together, Assignments make it easy to plan, which makes having fun even easier! Assign tasks for every party-related duty: Alex’s mom can handle the guest list; Dave’s dad can bring the streamers; Jane’s grandmother can bring the cake; and you can take a nap.

4. Organize the Carpool

Goodbye, group text messages! …At least when it comes to your team. Assign carpool volunteers by making their name the title of an Assignment, and then assign each player to their respective carpool driver. Or, simply have a person or two in charge of coordinating all the carpool fun times and assign Carpool to them.


Tip: Find Assignments in your event details within the TeamSnap mobile or web app.

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Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.



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