You Can Help Save Youth Sports in 30 Seconds

Take 30 seconds and help save youth and local sports. The deadline to take action is Friday, May 8th.

Recently we wrote about our support of the sports federal relief fund because we recognize that some youth sports organizations will not qualify for the protections under the CARES Act. The proposed $8.5 billion supplemental recovery fund will help sports organizations keep their doors open and ensure a safe return to sports. 

We were thrilled to see that over 1,500 organizations signed the letter! This national movement is now moving to secure Members of Congress to show their support.

Today, we are expanding the call-for-action to all individuals—whether you’re involved in sports or passionate about keeping your community active and healthy. Members of Congress are moved by their constituents’ voices and it only takes a few moments to show your support.

Read the full letter for more details on the #Unite2PLAY movement. We encourage everyone to get involved and help save local youth sports programs!

National data actively tracking the safe return of youth sports activities

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