How to Take Action on the Youth Sports Federal Relief Fund

The deadline to support the youth sports federal relief fund is 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 15th.

Recently we posted a guide to help sports organizations navigate the CARES Act. We recognize that some youth sports organizations will not qualify for the protections under the CARES Act because of their unique operating structure, especially those that primarily rely on volunteers.

We are happy to share an additional youth sports federal relief package has been proposed to:

  1. Extend the existing CARES Act programs and create an $8.5 billion recovery fund for the youth sports sector.
  2. Provide supplemental federal funding to create a Youth Sports COVID-19 Task Force to establish guidelines and protocols for the safe return and continuation of youth sports programs.

The Aspen Institute’s latest write-up includes more details about the relief and recovery package. 

Over 113 governing bodies and sports organizations are supporting the relief package by signing the congressional request letter and spreading the word.

How can your youth sports organization support this effort? 

  1. Join the movement and sign the youth sports relief package by contacting Allison Lee at [email protected]
  2. Contact your members of Congress when the coalition calls upon you to act to help advance the legislation.
  3. Help make a case for the need for this legislation. Share your own story on the economic impact of COVID-19 with Active Policy Solutions.

The deadline to sign is 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 15th.

National data actively tracking the safe return of youth sports activities

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