Is Your Sports Club, League or Organization Stuck in the Past?

Landline phones. VHS decks. Rabbit-ear TV sets.

Unless you’ve been watching too much Stranger Things, you’ve probably noticed that all these items have been replaced with something better. The same can be said of paper and endless email chains–especially in terms of sports club and league management. There are better tools for the job these days, like TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues.

How can TeamSnap take your organization into the 21st century? Let’s take a look.

Simplify Scheduling

Creating your schedule by hand is kind of like doing math on an abacus. Think of TeamSnap as your high-tech, handy calculator. We’ll automate all that tedious scheduling so you can get back to what really matters.

You’re in luck! We’ve just made some exciting updates to our scheduling features. For example, our app automatically creates league and practice schedules for you. Just enter relevant info into our app and let us handle the rest. Plus, we account for blackout dates and virtually every scheduling conflict you can think of.

Make Registration a Breeze

We’ve got nothing against paper–it’s just not ideal for registration. Paper forms can get lost, torn, mixed in with the wrong forms or mistakenly used for origami. That’s why we take our TeamSnap registration online.

Documents such as health waivers, registration forms and more can be filled out and sent in lightning fast when you handle them online. There’s no risk losing them since they’re all in your computer. And since you’ve got everything you need online, you’ll never have another paper cut again.

Want to learn more about how we can help with registration? Download one of our free ebooks today!

Access Info from Anywhere

Soccer PlayersStoring club and league contact info on your phone’s address book is a great way to run out of storage space. And if that information ever changes, you’ll need to manually update. Fortunately, TeamSnap can help.

With us, coaches, players and parents enter their contact information directly into our app. That means you’ll always have access to the most recent info without the need to track people down. Plus, you’ll have no need to worry about storage space (or lack thereof).

Ready to take your club, league or organization into the 21st century? Get started with TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues today!

Kyle Massa is TeamSnap’s content manager. Outside of work, you can find him writing, reading and playing guitar for his cats.

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