Exciting Updates to TeamSnap’s Club and League Scheduling Features

At TeamSnap, we take great pride in gathering feedback from customers like you, then using it to make our products better.

Thanks to your help, our club and league scheduling features are better than ever. Here are just a few ways they’ll make your life easier (along with the highlights)!

  • Multi-team events
  • Automated league and practice scheduling
  • Balance insights and key statistics
  • View schedule by location

Save Time

Remember that end of the season fundraiser? The one you had to enter into every team’s calendar in TeamSnap? Not anymore! For this season, just create one event. It will now sync to every team’s calendar!

What about league and practice scheduling, you ask? Now all it takes is a few minutes to generate every game for every team. Just enter your times, dates and locations, then let our app handle the rest. Practice scheduling works just like league scheduling; simply enter the relevant information and let our app automate the time-consuming part. Feels good to get your time back!

Avoid Scheduling Pitfalls

Have you ever spent hours creating your schedule, only to realize you’ve got one coach coaching multiple teams simultaneously? Or blackout dates you didn’t account for? Many of our customers struggle with these scheduling pitfalls, so we created a solution.

Our updated scheduling features now detect numerous scheduling conflicts, such as one person coaching multiple teams simultaneously or games occurring at the same time in the same location. Also, our schedule generator works around any and all blackout dates you set. No more scheduling pitfalls!

Collect Key Insights

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got one for the number crunchers out there. Our updated scheduling software now offers insights and balance statistics. Easily see how frequently teams play one another, home and away game comparisons, strength of schedule and more.

Need to view your schedule by location? We can help with that, too. It’s as easy as it sounds: just toggle your locations to see who’s playing on what court, field or rink and at what time. Whatever information you need, you can find it.

Thank you so much for helping us make these outstanding updates! Visit our schedule builder page or detailed help article for more info.

Jill Antweiler is the director of product for league scheduling and tournaments. She lives in Jefferson City, MO with her husband, their four amazing kids and their two cats. In her spare time, Jill enjoys exercising, reading, drinking wine, playing games, finding restaurants with good appetizers, hanging with the fam and chauffeuring her kids to their activities.

Greg Ludke is the director of product for clubs & leagues. He spends most of his free time with his wife Amy and their twins, Maxwell and Sophia. As a Coloradoan, he also enjoys trail running, nordic skiing, alpine skiing, cycling, visiting craft breweries and trying new restaurants.

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