Updates to get your MHA ready for the 2020-2021 season!

Registration for the 2020-2021 hockey season is right around the corner and we have some exciting updates for you just in the nick of time. 

Hockey Canada has updated the naming of their age divisions in their rule book and HCR system, but we’ll be ready for it (+ more). 

  • Updated template: We have updated our Hockey Canada registration form template to align with the new division naming and standards (but the old names will also remain as options for the time being) 
  • Division placements: Now for each participant fee, you can select which division or team players get placed to. Team placements will be in a pending status unless otherwise stipulated, while division placements are automatic
  • Age restrictions: Participants will be restricted from registering for Hockey Canada divisions for which they do not meet the age criteria, saving you some maintenance and cleanup work

You asked for more robust reporting to better align with what you expect from HCR, and we have made a ton of improvements in this area to help get you there. 

  • Filtered views: Filter your registrations to view by fee type or paid status, and easily see who has paid, who has an outstanding balance, or who’s installment payment may have failed  
  • Better exports and reports: Export data for a specific fee type, get a breakdown on money collected by payment method, connect registration data with bank account deposits using the newly added Charge ID, and get a clear overview of how all of your active forms are performing in the Registration tab
  • Live member data: Get the most up to date information on your players and parents by exporting a fresh list from the new Members tab

Getting players to register is just half the battle. That is why we are continuing to add features to help you manage the registrations that are coming in. 

  • Simplified adjustments: When someone registers for the wrong program or division, or decides that they no longer want to participate, you can simultaneously update their division and team assignment while adjusting their fees—saving you from additional work
  • Reduced failed payments: With the introduction of integrated payments, TeamSnap has successfully reduced failed card transactions by over 70%. With 98% acceptance rates, we’ve largely removed the need to manually rerun payments

We are excited to have all of these updates rolled out before the upcoming 2020-2021 registration season so that you can take advantage of them, and are continuing to add new updates and features each and every day. 


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