TeamSnap Hack: Saving on Your Paid Plan

If you’re using one of our paid plans, you’re already enjoying the time-saving goodness of TeamSnap. But hey, we get it–even the low cost of 10 dollars a month adds up, especially if you’re volunteering. Here are some tips to help you save your moolah.

Try An Annual Plan

If you use TeamSnap for eight or more months out of the year, we salute you. Also, you could be saving money with an Annual plan.

Let’s say you use TeamSnap’s Basic plan each month for the entire year. That adds up to about $120. Not bad, but you might want to consider our Annual plans. With them, you get a year’s worth of your favorite features for just $69.99. That’s almost half the cost of paying monthly for the whole year!

Ready to try an annual plan? Just log into our web app, head to “Billing & Plans,” then click “Change Plan.” Happy saving!

hack of how to save money on your TeamSnap plan

Consolidate Your Apps

Are you using separate apps to record statistics and assign tasks? We can help!

Our Premium plan offers both Statistics and Assignments for just a few extra dollars each month. If you’re already paying separate subscription fees for similar apps, you’ll save money by using the TeamSnap version of those features. Plus, you’ll save time by not constantly switching between screens.

Crowdsource It

Let’s do a quick math problem (apologies to anti-math people). If you use TeamSnap’s Basic plan for three months and pay $9.99 for each month, you’re spending about $30 every season. However, if you divide that amount among 10 team parents, it costs just $3 per person. You probably spend more on coffee each day!

Try adding the cost of your TeamSnap subscription to team fees at the beginning of the year. Folks are already paying for uniforms and registration fees, so an extra three bucks is not bad at all. You could even try using TeamSnap’s own Payments tab to collect the fees.

Log in to your account and try these tips today! Or get started with a 21-day trial!

Kyle Massa is the content manager at TeamSnap. Outside of work, you can find him writing, reading and playing guitar for his cats.

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