TeamSnap for Android is Here!

Pardon the exclamation marks, but we’re very excited today to announce the first beta release of TeamSnap Mobile for Android! It’s available right now from the Android Market and it’s free.

Loyal customers will note that getting the Android app into your hands took a bit longer than expected. We appreciate your patience and think you’ll find that the wait was worth it. The version we’re releasing today is more or less on feature par with our popular free iPhone app and includes everything you need to keep up with your team on the go.

With TeamSnap Mobile for Android you get:

  • Complete Roster Information — contact anyone right from your phone.
  • Team Schedule — times, locations and maps of all your games and practices.
  • Set and View Availability — know who’s coming and who’s not.
  • View Photos — upload coming soon
  • Read Team Messages — keep up on team news
  • Comprehensive Team Communications — email or text the entire team.

We’ll continue to add features to both the Android and iPhone apps in the future to make even more of TeamSnap available on the go. We know that our customers are out of the home or office playing sports, and being able to access TeamSnap at the field (or rink, court, pitch, etc) is super handy.

About Beta Software

This is a beta release (software developer-speak for “Some stuff doesn’t quite work yet”) and there are a few known issues we’ll be fixing over the next week or two.

In addition, the Android platform has a wide array of devices, and we can’t possibly test on every possible phone or tablet. Please bear with us as we polish up the last few edges and help us out by sending bug reports to [email protected]. Including your device name and operating system would be extra awesome.

Here are the known issues:

  • Some additional contact and custom field information is missing.
  • You can’t yet upload photos from the app to TeamSnap.
  • A few visual quirks with select devices.
  • Some crashes on tablet-based devices.

We hope you love the TeamSnap Mobile for Android beta and we would love to hear your feedback on the app and on any issues you see. We’ll be rapidly polishing up the last few rough edges in the next week or two, but we’re excited to have you try the app out today.

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