Rostering Made Easy: Feature Friday

If there was a starting line-up for an app feature within TeamSnap it would be the rostering tool. Rosters of any size, for any sport, are vital to a season. It’s the people that make up the team that make youth sports organizations what they are. As a coach, having your roster on hand is essential. As a parent, knowing what other parents and kids are involved in the same team is also important. Similarly, for league and club administrators, they also need to know who makes up every team.

For anyone; coaches, parents, players and admin staff, TeamSnap Rosters makes organizing both players and contacts easy. Here’s how:

Community Editing

When it comes to adding players, jersey numbers, position, and more, it doesn’t need to just fall on the coach. With the roster feature, anyone can edit. Have members or parents easily edit contact information, jersey numbers, positions and more from their phones or computers.

Build A Profile

When there are several names and a new team, it’s sometimes hard to put a name to a face. With the roster feature you can actually edit players profiles and add photos as well as link player profiles.


Every player on a team has their own unique likes, dislikes, sizing, and way of getting to and from practices and games. One way you can make sure you know who needs a carpool, who can’t eat the trail mix because of a nut allergy, is to customize the data fields within the roster. Whether as a coach you need to know jersey sizing to make an order, or as a parent you’re trying to make a carpool schedule, or even as a parent manager you want to know what snacks to bring to tournaments – this feature is your one-stop-shop for all the unique information.

Who’s Who

It can get confusing when parents, coaches and players are all included in the roster. Luckily, within the roster feature you can separate the players, parents, coaches and more by creating group-specific views and groupings.

“As a mother of two very sports oriented teenage boys, I love this app for keeping track of schedules, locations, and uniforms. Team rosters help me learn the new players at the beginning of each season.” — Julie C.

Learn how to manage roster information here.

Another way you can utilize the roster feature is for game days. Do you have games or events that only certain members of your team need to attend? You can specify a game or event roster lineup to let members know which events they need to be at. Administrators can use lineups to publish batting order, field positions, and even 1 vs. 2 singles or doubles in a tennis match! This feature is suited for any sport or size.

All team members will be notified of lineups by push notification and lineups are visible only to admins until they are published.

Here’s how you can create a game day roster lineup (IOS)

How to create a game day roster lineup (Android)

To help you out, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Rostering tab tools when Rostering Members to a Division or Team:

Say you can’t find roster members…aka your search isn’t producing desired results… here’s what to do:

  • Start every new search by Clearing Filters for best results.
  • Make sure your members have roster member profiles in your active season. If you are generating member profiles via registration, and the Completed Registrations entries are gray and don’t have any hyperlinks, those registration entries haven’t generated member profiles. Here’s how you can fix that: No Registration Roster Member.
  • Search from the top of the organization: When you access a Rostering tab at the division level, you will only be able to search and assign member profiles that are already in that division. It’s often easiest to just make sure you are at the top Rostering tab that is at the same level as your Registration tools.
  • Keep an eye on your Member Status settings: These settings excludes member profiles with Builder Mode edits or that are already assigned to teams and will radically change your search results.

With TeamSnap rosters, we hope that your life can get a little easier with flexible team building and streamlined member management. Here’s how you can get started today!

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