Reasons We’re Loving the Postgame Report

Never Miss A Moment TeamSnap graphicAt TeamSnap, we love using new features almost as much as we love releasing new features. One of our favorite new features we rolled out this year is the Postgame Report, a handy and fun feature that helps recap all the games on your schedule and celebrate the wins a little longer. 

Here are four other reasons why we’re loving the Postgame Report feature:

Never Miss a Moment

Even if you can’t make the game, you’re just one click away from learning the current score, highlights and final results.

Never Miss a Photo

Upload and store photos on a game-by-game basis with the Postgame Report. Relive the highs from the game through pictures.

Never Miss the Score

Check out the final score of the game added by your coach or manager, so you know how your team did, even if you weren’t there.

Never Miss a Chat

Keep connected with your team and parents through the Postgame Reports team chat. Send a congratulatory message to the team for a job well done, or coordinate some postgame celebrations for later.


This new feature can be found in your Game Detail screen on your mobile app. We’ll also send you a little reminder after your game has ended to relive the excitement. See how it works here!



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