New: Track Availability Per Game or Event

Availability tracking has always been one of TeamSnap’s most popular features, and in the last year we’ve rolled out improvements like Availability notes and the ability to set availability by email. Today we’re excited to announce another enhancement to Availability: the ability to turn availability tracking on or off for individual games or events.

Here’s how it works: By default, any new game or event that you create is set to track Availability, just like always. But you’ll also find a checkbox on the New Game or New Event form that lets you turn off Availability tracking. This is great for events where you don’t need to track who’s going to be there (like a team barbecue). Some teams also don’t track Availability for practices, and now you can hide those forever from your Availability tab.



This feature is available NOW on the web site, and you can go back and turn off Availability for any existing game or event just by editing it and checking the box to skip Availability tracking. Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of our Android and iPhone apps, because they’re being updated to respect this preference.

We hope you like this additional flexibility for how you track player Availability.

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