New Release: TeamSnap 2.3.1 for iOS Makes Photo Uploading Sleeker

Today we’re excited to announce TeamSnap Mobile 2.3.1 for iOS, a free download or update through the App Store. If you use TeamSnap on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we highly recommend you install this version. (And if you’re on iOS 7 with auto-update turned on, you may magically already have it.)

Here’s what’s new:

  • Uploading photos is now faster and much more reliable.
  • Photos you take in TeamSnap are automatically saved to your camera roll.
  • You can delete photos, to weed out the blurry ones or the ones where you’re giving up that game-winning goal.
  • Choose which of your device’s mapping applications you want to use when viewing locations or directions.
  • View full Availability notes.
  • Better iOS 7 compatibility — we knocked out a few things that didn’t look right.

You’ll also notice a mini-tour of TeamSnap for new users, and it’s now possible to sign up or upgrade to one of our full-featured plans right within the app itself.

As always, we’ve also thrown in a variety of small tweaks, bug-fixes, speed-ups and general polish. Head on over to your favorite device and get it today!



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