6 TeamSnap Features You Need to Know

TeamSnap is the Swiss Army knife of team management. You may think you know all of its time-saving features, but do you really? Whether you’re brand new to TeamSnap or a veteran, there’s always something new to learn. Check out these six TeamSnap features you need to know.


If there’s a rain delay, a last-minute field change, or if you want to coordinate a carpool, then Messaging is the place to do it. Use it for real-time chat, to send last-minute alerts, and to share photos with the team, specific groups, or individuals.

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“With traditional group text messaging, messages get lost or even fracture off from the group. TeamSnap consolidates everything—Now we have all of our messaging in one place. TeamSnap messaging really saved us!”

—Ryan Kazee, River Cities Soccer Club coach


Never forfeit a game again. Our availability tools help you know who can be at the practice, game, event or team meeting.

TeamSnap app screenshot of game availability

Knowing who’s showing up to a game is important. In fact, it can be vital to whether your team plays or not. In just a quick tap, players can alert coaches to their availability months in advance, which makes planning rosters, coordinating carpools, and booking fields and courts so much easier.

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Assignments is an easy way to manage volunteer tasks right from within the TeamSnap app. Never worry about who’s bringing snacks or taking photos at the game again.

TeamSnap game details screenshot from the app

And, assignments is a great feature to assign carpools, sign parents up to staff a merchandise table, or even plan who’s doing what for your team’s party. If you’re not using this time-saving feature, you should be!


Take the stress out of invoicing with payments. Use payments to manage and collect team fees, membership expenses, lessons, club dues, and venue fees. You can upload invoices right into the app without having to email multiple families, and members pay directly, all within the TeamSnap app.

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“Being able to collect money one way and in one place replaces the old method that was a nightmare of reconciling different online methods, checks and any other way people wanted to pay. Now I can track it all in TeamSnap.”

— Vince R., TeamSnap customer

TeamSnap Live!

Stuck in traffic? Traveling for work? FOMO be gone! Never miss a game again with TeamSnap Live! This feature allows family members to share the live game experience with the entire team. Not only can you set the game clock and period, but you can also keep score, partake in sideline banter, and post play-by-plays. And, take advantage of a fan favorite: Photo and video! Record game moments, tag your favorite plays and sync videos within the app.

screenshot of the Avengers vs Strikers sports game on TeamSnap

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Do you have kids in soccer, baseball and dance? Cheerleading and robotics? Say goodbye to schedule confusion with TeamSnap, where all sports and activities are created equal. Not only do we support 100+ sports, but we also support countless activities from scouts to book clubs. Let us make your life easier—so you can worry about the important things, like which toppings to get on your pizza after practice. 🍕

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Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.

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