The Essential Parent Checklist for Baseball & Softball Registration

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With the holiday rush in full swing, the last thing on most people’s minds right now is probably sports and registration. But with baseball and softball registration season right around the corner, we wanted to put together a quick checklist to help baseball and softball parents get ready for registration in a snap.

To help, we’ve created a parent registration checklist to make registering for baseball and softball a snap this year.


Confirm your registration opening & closing dates

Do you know when baseball or softball registration opens for your club or local baseball/softball league? This may seem a bit obvious, and it is, but it could mean the difference between paying a late fee versus receiving an early-bird discount; most clubs or leagues offer a tiered fee structure based on when you register. Be sure to register early to avoid missing out on any possible discounts. 


Know where to go to register 

Will registration be held in person or posted online? Most clubs and leagues offer online registration these days so be sure you confirm where you’ll need to go to register or how to access your online registration software. If you can sign up for an email notification as a reminder, do so. 


Have all required paperwork ready

If you’re registering for Little League® baseball or softball, you’ll likely be asked to upload documentation to verify residential eligibility; each local Little League® has specific geographic boundaries from which players are eligible to join. Many baseball organizations will request this information at the time of registration so they can in turn verify eligibility with their Little League. Check out this FAQ on residency and education requirements.

Other baseball or softball organizations may require an up-to-date physical, birth certificate or insurance information. It’s best to have that on hand and ready to upload into your registration software so you can complete registration quickly.


Understand what your fees and payment options are

Sticker shock is real, even with youth sports programs. Understanding what your upcoming registration fees will be, and your payment options can help you budget appropriately. Find out in advance if there are scholarships available you can apply for with your organization or other sibling discounts that may help reduce your overall registration rates. Some youth sports clubs or leagues will also offer payment plans to help spread the cost over time, others may offer a reduced payment option if you pay via ACH to help keep processing fees down. The more you know about your baseball or softball organization’s payment structure and options, the better prepared you’ll be at the time of registration.


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