How To Make The Most Of Travel Sporting Events

Sporting events bring players, coaches, families, and fans together. But travel revolving around a sporting event can be about more than just getting to the location for the game. Dive into the culture beyond the stadiums and courts, build in some quality family time, and explore! Make the most out of your travel by book-ending it with a family getaway or incorporating pockets of family time in between games.

Share the history of the city or sport

It’ll take some research and planning ahead of time, but windshield time is a perfect opportunity to share some intel about the history of the sport they love or the city you’re traveling to. Get the conversation flowing with some historical anecdotes and fun facts about the city you’re driving to. You can learn about important events, famous people who were born there, or a fun mascot or story that the city is known for. Additionally, many sports have a rich history of influential players of all backgrounds and defining moments that changed the game. Sharing these tidbits can spark your child’s curiosity about other places, encourage them to think critically, and lead to some fun conversations to help them get excited to visit new destinations and discover new role models within their sport. 

Experience the local culture

Taking some time to explore the food, art and music from your destination can be a fun way to teach your kids about other cultures. Plus, you can support local small businesses by eating at a family-owned restaurant representing the local culture and cuisine.You can also check out local art galleries or museums to explore the exhibits and help tap into your child’s creative side. Consult the city or region’s Visitor’s Bureau or Tourism Board for must-see or must-do recommendations that highlight what makes that area unique.

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Check out the parks in the area (or along the way)

All across North America there are a plethora of beautiful city, state/provincial and national parks. Between scenic drives, hiking trails and lookouts, you’re sure to find the activity that fits your family’s interests! Keep in mind that national parks and some state parks have entrance fees, so if you’re looking to enjoy one, consider whether it fits into your trip budget. As an alternative, a city park may be a more affordable option. Great views, space, and adventure will be guaranteed at any park you choose.Keep in mind that some national parks have a timed-entry system, so some advanced planning may be required to ensure you can access the park(s) you’re interested in.

We hope these suggestions tap into your adventurous side and allow you to foster memorable experiences beyond the playing field.

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