10 Questions to Ask Your Athlete On A Long Car Ride

The car is packed, the snacks are properly stocked, and the kids are buckled up. The weekend agenda is as follows: soccer, soccer, and more soccer. As parents, you may be familiar with sports sports and more sports for your weekend plans. Most of the time, as a parent,  you are in charge of driving your child to practices and games. That is unless the carpool situation works in your favor every one and awhile. This weekend though, you have a long car ride ahead. Sure, there is always the option to hook up Spotify and let the kids sing along to their favorite tunes, but this could also be a great opportunity to spark up some conversation with your young athlete. Car rides are a perfect time to pass by the time with a game of would you rather, 21 questions, or just a simple round of fun fast facts.

If for some reason the bluetooth in your car isn’t working or your child hasn’t gotten a cellphone yet, behold a good old fashion game of 10 fun questions to ask your young athlete on a long, yes very long, car ride. Focus on questions around their sport, how they are doing, and of course, fun.

  1. Scale of 1-10, how strict am I as a parent?

  2. If you could have any road trip snack in the world, what would you have?

  3. Would you rather go the direct and fastest way to a location or the long and scenic route?

  4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  5. What household chore do you dread the most?

  6. What is one skill you really want to master?

  7. What is your favorite part about playing [sport]?

  8. If you could communicate with any animal, what animal would it be?

  9. What would be the perfect day for you?

  10. How long until we are there?

Let us take away some of the stress of preparing for a family trip and connecting with your kiddos on the road with these 10 questions.

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