Organize Your Hockey Team in 4 Steps Using TeamSnap

In four simple steps your hockey team will be organized, laced up, on the ice, and ready to go. TeamSnap helps hockey teams all across North America get on the same page through better communication tools, organized team details, scheduling features, and more. You may think your hockey team is ready for the season to begin, but do you know who’s coming to practice? Is availability scattered? Do parents reach out via text, phone calls, emails, and more? It doesn’t have to be that way. The TeamSnap app helps coaches, parents, players, and admin by being the one place for all of the information.

Here’s how you can organize your hockey team in four simple steps.

Step 1: Your team is set, now just add the players to the TeamSnap app.

At this point you’ve probably had tryouts, many phone calls, and long discussions over who’s going to be on the team this year. Once you have a sense of how many players and who has made the team, you can begin adding them to the TeamSnap app. Rostering is made easy on TeamSnap app, and here’s why:

  • Members or parents can easily edit contact information, jersey numbers, positions and more from their phones or computers.
  • Add a photo to a player or parent. This will help everyone put names to faces.
  •  Gather all the data you need with customizable fields.
  • Easily separate coaches, players and non-players for easy viewing within the app.

Once you’ve add your roster, and here’s a step-by-step guide to help you add players, you will want to add the schedule of events so your team knows when practices, games, and tournaments are.

Step 2: Add the schedule.

Instead of leaving the schedule up for discussion and guessing, add it to the app so parents, players, and other coaches can see it and memorize it quickly. To make your life even easier, TeamSnap allows you to sync the calendar to your phone so it really is hard to miss. The TeamSnap scheduling feature allows you to edit dates, expected arrival times, opponents, the game results, and even the location with a Google Maps link. You’re not even limited to just scheduling games and practices; add in pizza parties, fundraising events and more! Sync up your calendar now.

Step 3: Chat with the team.

Now that the players are added, parents too, plus the schedule is up-to-date it’s time to let everyone know. TeamSnap app has a chat feature that lets everyone on the team message one another in real-time. The messaging feature is a hub for chatting, sending reminders, and getting to know one another. Now that your schedule is live and everyone is under one roof, send a message to your team and let them know that you are excited for the season to start. In the chat you can also direct messages to the entire group or send out specific messages to individuals. If you are waiting on a response from one player, reach out to them specifically instead of sending a big message to the whole team.

Step 4: Availability.

Now that you’ve done your part to get the team organized, it’s time to put the hockey stick and puck in the team’s hands. Use the availability feature to know who’s coming and make lineups ahead of time so you can play to win. Looking for a headcount prior to practice? You can view each player and see which events they’ve attended or haven’t in the past.

In these 4-steps your hockey season should be ready for a great season ahead. Get started today!

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