Train Like Adrian Peterson

By TeamSnap’s Guest Authors at Driven Apps, a mobile app providing sports training tips and fitness programs.

Adrian Peterson, the NFL MVP and comeback player- of-the-year, is 28 from Palestine, TX and runs the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds.  Standing at 6’2” 217 lbs, Peterson has a body built like a world-class sprinter.  “Every drill was done as if he was running a real play in an NFL game,” said Chief Creative Officer for Driven Apps, Kevin Simmons.  Simmons, a former Sony developer, also played cornerback for Utah State so understands the combination of technology and sport.  They call Peterson AD as in “All Day” due to his incredible strength and stamina and ability to run play after play.  It was vital for Peterson to be able to give back to young athletes as well as his fans and to also give them a little taste of the type of training it takes to be in the NFL. I was astonished with Peterson’s will and determination in every drill that he performed.  He’s so used to doing everything 110% that it was very difficult for him to back off.  The shoot was scheduled for five hours -which he ended up giving seven because he just wanted everything perfect.

Here are more examples of a daily program that Peterson works on:

Lying Toss

Romanian Deadlift

Squat and Throw


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Driven Apps is a mobile app providing sports training tips and  fitness programs.

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