Three Perfect Moments to Use the TeamSnap Mobile App

Whether you’re new to TeamSnap and don’t know about our glorious (and highly rated, we might add) app, or you’ve been using TeamSnap for years but aren’t convinced you need the app, this article is for you.

Give your phone and your sports sanity the (free!) gift of the TeamSnap mobile app. It lets you stay in the know while you’re away, helps you get to the right place at the right time and helps you stay in touch with the whole team. It’s sort of like the diamond ring of apps.

Here are three of the many moments in which you might find yourself wishing you had the TeamSnap app.

The “I’m Stuck in an Airport And Missing My Daughter’s Game” Moment

First of all, sorry to hear that. Second, unless you’ve cloned yourself, you’re going to find it hard to be in two places at once. (But if you did manage to clone yourself, that’s really impressive. Congrats!) For the rest of us, TeamSnap Live! will do the trick.

Soccer PlayersHere’s how it works: each game on your schedule gets its own TeamSnap Live! event. Think of that event like a personal chat room just for your team. Any parent, coach or fan with a TeamSnap account for the team can post scores, photos, and celebrating emojis in the chat, which you’ll then be able to see right on your phone.

And, for the stats geeks out there, you can even track balls, strikes and outs in TeamSnap Live! with our baseball/softball tracking feature or the time clock for soccer games!

Is there anything this app can’t do? OK, it can’t clone you, but it’s still pretty cool!

The “I Can’t Remember Where the Game Is. All is Lost!” Moment

So you’re in your car on the way to practice. You’re carpooling three other kids to the game, you’re already 10 minutes late, the kids are yelling at you to go faster, and suddenly, you realize that you don’t know which field you’re going to. Don’t panic. All’s not lost!

Just pull up your TeamSnap app (make sure to pull over first) and go to your schedule. From there, you can find not only the address of the field or facility, but also Google Maps directions straight to it!

Phew. That was a close one!

The “The Team Needs to Know and I Need to Tell Them” Moment

Picture this: you’re a coach, and you just found out that, due to a recent extraterrestrial invasion, practice has been cancelled. So now you’ve got to tell your whole team about it. And you might want to mention the alien thing, too.

With the TeamSnap app, you can send one message to your entire team, straight from your phone. Players will get it as an SMS text message, in an email, or in your team’s private message board––the method is up to you!

Note: You can use the TeamSnap app to notify your team about any kind of cancellation, not just alien landings.

The “Where Do I Get This App?” Moment

If you’re experiencing this one right now, then it’s best you download the app. We’ve got apps for both iOS and Android, both absolutely free to download from the App Store or Google Play. Try ‘em out!

Kyle Massa is the content associate manager at TeamSnap. Outside of work,  you can find him writing, reading and playing guitar for his cats.

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