TeamSnap Rolls Out New Features and Improvements!

Invitations made easier, email an opponent, account consolidation and more!

You’ve probably noticed quite a few new features we’ve launched recently and might be wondering what they all do. Well, we’re excited to tell you!

As always, many of the bells and whistles we put into TeamSnap are inspired by suggestions from you, our ultra-dedicated customers, so keep those coming. Simply email your ideas, suggestions, hopes and dreams to [email protected].

Invitations Made Easier

Now you can send an invitation to your new players and contacts directly from the Roster screen, eliminating two steps from the former process.

When you are ready to save your new roster member, you’ll see a new option to “Send this player an email invitation to join the team,” and we’ve conveniently checked that box “on.” Just save your player, and if you have added an email address, an invitation will automatically be sent.

For those managers who don’t want to invite their players right away, there are several options for you:

  • Don’t add the player’s email address
  • Uncheck the “Send this player an email invitation” box
  • Uncheck their “Receive Team Email” box, which will stop any emails (invitation, schedule updates, reminders, etc.) from being sent.


Account Changes

Some of you may have received an email from us over the past few weeks about some changes to your account login information. Back in the Day(â„¢), when TeamSnap was a much smaller entity, still wet behind the ears, customers could use just about anything for their username (the name you enter to log in to TeamSnap).

As online services such as ours make customer data more protected and secure, we’ve made the step to eliminate the ability to use anything but an email address to access an account. As a result, any user with an old non-email username has been asked to change their username to their email address.

As always, if you have any questions about your account or how to log in, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you in a snap! (Ugh, I said it. My apologies for the groaner.)

Remind Your Opponent!

It’s surely happened to your team at least once: You schedule a game and show up ready to play, only your opponent fails to show up, or is at the wrong field, or is wearing the same color uniform as your squad, or has forgotten it was their turn to set up the goals … it’s a bummer, right? So now we have an easy way to not only confirm all the details when a game is scheduled but also to send an easy reminder with all the particulars whenever you’d like.

When setting up a new game in the Schedule tab, just check the “Notify Opponent” button to send such an email. Or from the list view of the Schedule tab, just click “Remind Opponent” to send a quick message with all the deets.


Sam is our Strategic Product Manager, which means if you don’t like something about how TeamSnap works, he’s the guy to yell at. He’s primarily responsible for understanding what our customers want, both with the existing product and what the product needs to be, and then applying what he learns to help shape our future roadmap. He’s been an avid user of TeamSnap since 2011, using it to manage the sporting lives of his two daughters.

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