How to TeamSnap Your Club or League

Want to save time with your club or league? TeamSnap is the way to do it!

Have an important message for everyone in your club, league or organization? Send it through TeamSnap from your phone or desktop and everyone will receive it instantly. Or, if you only want to message your coaches, you can select only them. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch (and the perfect way to stay out of group text messages).

Need help with registration? We handle everything online, which means no more checks and no more trips to the bank. Instead, parents pay directly with credit cards or from their bank accounts. You can even set up installment payments, allowing parents to pay fees over time in smaller chunks.

Need a new club or league website? Our website builder runs on WordPress, which powers about 20 percent of the internet. Our drag and drop interface doesn’t require any code, which makes web design a breeze. Plus, our sites look great on every device, no matter if it’s a computer, phone, tablet or intergalactic space doohickey.

Watch the webinar above to learn more about how TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues can save you time. If you’re ready to try our product, chat with one of our club and league experts today!

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