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Being a club or league administrator or commissioner can be a tough job, but TeamSnap is here to make your life easier! Thousands of people run their clubs and leagues with TeamSnap’s tools. Online registration, schedule generation, player and schedule management, a snazzy-looking website – how do you make sure you’re making the most of your subscription? Follow our tips!

brianlangtim_webHere are a three tips to make the most of your use of TeamSnap’s League and Club Solution from Brian Langtim, one of our technical account managers, a youth basketball coach and an avid hiker:

Assign Teams, Then Invite Players

Making team assignments in TeamSnap? Wait to invite your players to TeamSnap until after assignments are made to avoid tons of messages saying “I don’t see what team I’m on!” Even better, have each coach or team manager send an invitation to their team with a customized welcome message after the team assignments are complete.

Import Your Whole Roster from Excel

Did you know there’s a way to upload your entire club or league roster to TeamSnap from Excel? Forget about hand-entering each player profile.

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Save Last Year’s Info

Are you starting a new season in TeamSnap? Use the Season Archive feature to save all of last year’s information and start fresh this season. Here’s a help article to help archive your entire club/league or just a single division. You can also archive at the team level to carry over the roster, photos and more to the new season.

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