Customer Ah-ha Moments

We’ve all had that moment. That one moment where you snap your fingers and cry, “Ah-ha! I had no idea I could do this!” 

TeamSnap is a proud giver of ah-ha moments. Just when you think you’ve mastered our app, there comes another trick or hack you hadn’t thought of before, and suddenly the app is even better than it was before. 

Read some of our customers’ favorite ah-ha moments!

My aha moment was when I realized I can view my schedule for all teams combined. I manage three teams and am a parent on a fourth. When I found the combined calendar it changed everything! Makes planning my bday so much easier! — Blake G.

One of the best ah-ha moments I had was finding out about the player and schedule templates. I dreaded adding everyone manually into the system. I was able to do a quick formula to add from my spreadsheet into TeamSnap’s spreadsheet. The process was painless and so quick. When recommending TeamSnap I always talk about this feature. — Linda A.

When I realized I could just import our entire schedule for the season and then send an email to everyone asking them to set their availability. Putting the onus on each individual player to update their availability means I no longer have to sift through texts and emails to find who is and is not available each week. — Kaitlyn W.

Do It Yourself

Want to try out these ah-ha moments? Here’s how:

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Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.


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