Control More Than Just The Puck: A Guide To Hockey Stench Control

Hockey players pour their heart, sweat and tears into the game. A lot of hard work is put in during time on the ice. With that work comes those dreaded smells of the game. We’re talking sweat, plastic and leather–and the stench associated with them.

It is important to remember to take care of your gear, and as a result, take care of yourself. Washing and drying your gear helps with the prevention of infection. Removing the soles of skates aids in the drying process as well. Make sure there isn’t bacteria buildup, and see to it that your equipment fits to stay comfortable. Compression products are recommended since they help soak up moisture. New gear is another step in stench control.

Now that your equipment is clean, it is time to clean yourself. Clean thoroughly to make sure that you rehydrate your skin and smell like a Stanley Cup champion.

Professional athletes, youth players and beer leaguers need to make sure that they are in the middle of the fight on smell. Above is a complete guide on how hockey players can defend against stench.

AJ Lee is a Marketing Specialist at Pro Stock Hockey an online resource for pro stock hockey equipment. He was born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and has been a huge Blackhawks fan his entire life. AJ picked up his first hockey stick at age 3 and hasn’t put it down yet. Guide To Stench Control from Pro Stock Hockey, a company that offers Pro Stock Hockey Gloves, Hockey Sticks and Hockey Pants.

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