3 Ways to Use TeamSnap Outside of Sports

You’ve probably used TeamSnap for soccer, baseball, football, hockey or more. But did you know you can use it for tasks outside of sports, too?

You sure can. TeamSnap helps you communicate and organize tons of events, including parties, book clubs and carpools. Here’s how we can help.

Party On!

child's birthday partyFact: Everyone likes parties (aside from party poopers). But parties don’t happen without proper planning. And when it comes to planning and coordination, nobody helps more than TeamSnap.

Send every invitation using our app. Treat it just like a game: Add your guests’ email addresses to the app, then schedule the date and time on your Schedule tab. Your guests will receive an invitation email, which they easily reply to with “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” This way, you’ll get an accurate headcount without the horror of group text messages.

Reader’s Delight

Whether you’re reading a Pulitzer winner or a paperback from the grocery store checkout line, book clubs are a great way to enjoy a story with friends. But the more friends you’ve got, the harder book clubs can be to plan. Fortunately, you’ve already got a solution in your pocket: TeamSnap!

With TeamSnap, you can share a link to the book within our app. You can also easily set up group meeting times and locations, just as you’d do for games and practices. You might even use TeamSnap Live! on our handy mobile apps to discuss the book in real time. For example: “Ugh. Did anyone read chapter twenty? I can’t believe it was all just a dream.”

Family Chores

a family working together to clean a houseWalk the dog. Clean the bathroom. Take out the trash. The list of chores around the house is endless. If you’re looking for a little help from your kids, use TeamSnap Assignments to get their butts in gear.

Just enter a chore into the Assignments tab, then select an assignee’s name from the list. (You might even encourage a spouse or domestic partner to sign up for TeamSnap so they can get in on the fun, too.) Alternatively, you can create the tasks, then let everyone sign up for whatever chore they like most (or hate least). And don’t forget to click that “Send Email” button to remind them to sign up.

Ready to try TeamSnap in some new ways? Get started with our free 21-day trial today! And if you’d like to use our Assignments feature, make sure to upgrade to one of our paid plans!

Kyle Massa is the content manager at TeamSnap. Outside of work, you can find him writing, reading and playing guitar for his cats.

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