Why TeamSnap is A Parent Manager’s Best Friend

If you are a parent manager for your child’s sports team, you know the tasks can pile up. Parent managers are typically put in place to help the coaches out with parent communication, logistics off of the field, and more. It’s no simple task, but TeamSnap can drastically make the duties simpler. Here are 5 ways the TeamSnap app can help parent managers!

One place for communication

We’ve all been there, practice gets moved and all of a sudden there are emails going out, text messages, Instagram DMs, and phone calls. On the TeamSnap app, you can streamline communication in one place. TeamSnap’s messaging feature is frequently updated with updates, scores, player highlights, photos and videos which allows parents to stay updated even when things are changing on the fly.  Check out the communication center!


It’s rare a parent manager is handling just one schedule, but on TeamSnap  you can create worry-free schedules and sync directly to Google or iCal. Don’t forget about a last-minute game or practice and just hook your calendar up into the scheduling feature.

Health Check

Nowadays, a big job of the parent manager is making sure the team; players, coaches and parents are healthy. If you are getting ready for a tournament, save time and eliminate stress by using the Health Check feature.


On the same line of a tournament coming up, that usually requires some form of sign-up around snacks, pre-game meals, post-game restaurant bookings, and more. On TeamSnap you can assign various tasks and assignments to different people on the team. Keep everyone accountable and stay game ready!


So, who’s coming? Whether it’s finding out through text, Whats App, Facebook messenger or in-person, there’s no need to waste time scrambling just to find out who is and isn’t coming to practice. On TeamSnap, you can set your availability and as a parent manager it’s as simple as just checking who’s coming and who isn’t.

Are you interested in learning more about the TeamSnap features? Call up your parent manager and tell them that you may have just found their new best friend.

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