Why Hockey Might Be Right for Your Young Athlete

When your child reaches the ages of five and six, you might wish to enroll them in a local sports team, if they haven’t asked already. It’s quite possible that one of the sports they’ll sample is hockey, which continues to interest young athletes across Canada and the United States. Last season saw an especially strong surge in the number of young girls in the U.S. trying out hockey, proving beyond a doubt that the sport has wide appeal.

If your child is interested in hockey, that’s great! Like many other sports, it’s a fantastic way to meet new people, form friendships and develop listening skills. In addition, hockey players also hone mental and physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination.

If you think your child would enjoy playing hockey, or if they’ve already begged you to take them to the nearest rink, this infographic has some great pointers on getting them involved.


This infographic was created by Tucker Hockey, a hockey training school based in Calgary. For more information about their hockey classes for people of all ages, visit their website.

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