Top 5 Coaching Tips For Soccer Coaches

Coaching is no walk in the park, so TeamSnap has researched and developed some top tips for coaches. For all of the soccer coaches out there, either at the beginning of your coaching career or well in the mix of it, perhaps a few of these tips can help you out on the pitch. For additional coaching resources, be sure to check out Coaches’ Corner!

Here are our top 5 coaching tips for soccer coaches.

Tip #1: Communication. A soccer coach at any level, needs to have communication skills that go beyond just the giving of information. Communication also means responding to players and parents in an active listening role. Communication, both verbal and nonverbal is a vital skill as a coach. Work on establishing your own unique communication style and consider open communication as a way to set the foundation for your team.

Tip #2: Preparation. You may know the saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” As a coach, preparation, and thoughtful preparation is key. Preparation can look like planning out sessions or it can be in the form of knowing who’s coming to practice so you can organize the session on the fly. Every coach will have their own style of prep, but be sure to prepare in some way because you have a team depending on you. Preparation for soccer coaches can be simple like making sure you have the right cones and pinnies, but it can also be more complex like playing around with new formations, systems, and concepts to present to the team.

Tip #3: Organization. When players see an organized field, there is often a feeling of respect to start off the practice. Players respond well to practices and games that are well thought out, visually organized, and also easy enough to digest. As a soccer coach, consider prioritizing organization, both on the backend of your coaching duties, but also in how you run your session. If you want your players to put out their best effort, it’s on you to make sure the environment is prepared for them to shine.

Tip #4: Role Model Behavior. Remember that as a coach, all eyes are on you. Young players are watching what you are wearing, your body language, how you speak, react, and everything else. It’s essential that you think about displaying the traits that are an example of positivity and model behavior. One way you can make sure you are being a role model is to concentrate on your role as a coach, but also model fair play.

Tip #5: Establish A Philosophy. Many coaches work for a soccer club that already have an established philosophy or method of coaching. If you’re in that situation, wonderful! Be sure to know the club’s core values and development pathway to teach the players. If your club doesn’t have a philosophy or methodology, as a coach it is on you to create a “why” for the team and parents. Once you lay the foundation for the team, whether that’s is development for example, or equal playing time, be sure to explain it to the group; both players and parents.

We hope these five tips were helpful in your soccer coaching career! If you are interested in more soccer related content, check out some of the blog posts below!

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