Top 5 Coaching Tips For Basketball Coaches

Great basketball coaches have a combination of education, experience, and skill. For basketball coaches, there’s a skill in communication unlike other sports and that’s how to project in a loud gym or arena. Basketball coaches have to be able to be heard when balls are bouncing, sneakers and squeaking, and the sounds of the gym are at the forefront. TeamSnap has researched and developed some top tips for basketball coaches, at any stage of their coaching journey.

Tip #1: Experience. Not all coaches need to have previously been top players, but as teachers of the game there needs to be a level of understanding and expertise. For basketball coaches at any level of the game, having a deep knowledge of the game is essential. Players will learn from you, so be sure to be a nerd in all aspects of the sports; from the rules to defensive plays and all of the above.

Tip #2: Communication. Communication above everything else is the foundation for any successful basketball team. Having strong and refined communication skills will not only help you inspire and educate your players, but will also bring the best out of the team. Communication means anything from your facial expression on the sideline to the tone you blow your whistle to how you speak to your bench. Think about what you want your communication style to be and work with the players on developing an open communication environment for everyone to grow and be heard in.

Tip #3: Team Concepts. Basketball is a sport reliant on specific offensive plays, defensive formations, and tiny moments in the game. Setting some team concepts, whether that is specific to a formation you want the team to play or a rule like the bench stands for the whole game, is a good strategy to instill as a coach. Team concepts help the group not only get on the same page, but think about specific goals to play for. When you have an entire team playing for one goal, the result ends up being something greater than a bunch of individuals all trying to score the most points.

Tip #4: Organization. When players see an organized court, there is often a feeling of respect to start off the practice. Players respond well to practices and games that are well thought out, visually organized, and also easy enough to digest. As a basketball coach, consider prioritizing organization, both on the backend of your coaching duties, but also in how you run your session. If you want your players to put out their best effort, it’s on you to make sure the environment is prepared for them to shine.

Tip #5: Role Model Behavior. Remember that as a coach, all eyes are on you. Young players are watching what you are wearing, your body language, how you speak, react, and everything else. It’s essential that you think about displaying the traits that are an example of positivity and model behavior. One way you can make sure you are being a role model is to concentrate on your role as a coach, but also model fair play.

We hope these five tips were helpful in your basketball coaching career! If you are interested in more basketball related content, check out some of the blog posts below!

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