This Father’s Day: Celebrating Our TeamSnap Dads

Whether they are cheering from the sidelines, playing catch in the backyard after practice, or being a coach and leader in their community, a father’s role in any young athlete’s life and sports experience is so many things wrapped into one.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we asked our TeamSnap dads to tell us what fathering or coaching an athlete (or their own kiddo!) means to them. Their answers are inspiring us all to continue mentoring, educating and pushing all young athletes to be their best knowing they always have their biggest fan (Dad!) backing them up.

“Watching your kids push themselves, face challenges, and gain confidence through successes is incredibly rewarding as a father. And hey, the trips for ice cream after games is also pretty sweet!” — Jim Dahline, Director, Product Marketing & Strategy

“My 3 year old and 5 year old recently started playing organized sports.  The first couple times they were both very resistant to going but little by little they started getting more into it and learning.  After the first two times they have been ready an hour before their practice in uniform and lined up to go at the door.  For me, getting to watch them learn the sports they are playing and improve practice over practice is the best part of my week.” — Max Lorber, Senior Director of Marketing

“For me, it’s fun to see my son get excited about the sports I love and see him have fun out on the field having the same experiences that I had as a kid. More globally – I love seeing my kids enjoy sports and have fun. Even through the tough days, games, races, participating in sports helps them grow and develop through it all. It is so much fun to make memories together through their participation in sports.”  — Matt Stone, Product Marketing Manager and Strategist

TeamSnap allows parents, who are like these busy dads the ability to be in two places at once. TeamSnap’s messaging feature is frequently updated with scores, player highlights, photos and videos which allows parents to stay updated even when they are attending a different game. Learn more about the communication center!

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