The Ultimate Hockey Preseason Checklist

Hockey season is quickly approaching which means the time has come to start thinking about preseason. Like most sports, hockey requires a fair amount of preparation from the players, coaches and parents to make the season run smoothly. If you can get ahead of these tasks before the puck drops, you’ll be in great shape for the best season yet.

The Ultimate Hockey Preseason Checklist

  1. This goes for parents, players, and coaches: Make sure your team is registered and all squared away on the backend. For those using TeamSnap, registration is a simple process and all done in one place. Double-check to make sure you’re fully registered and if you have some extra time add to your player profile!
  2. Gear check! Hockey is a sport that requires a lot of equipment. Be sure to get all of your equipment before the season kicks off so you aren’t in a pinch the first day of practice. If you are looking to save this season, see if any members of your team are doing an equipment swap. This is a good idea if players outgrow certain skates and pads and can pass them down to others. Some clubs also have equipment swaps that include several teams to save instead of buy new gear every season.
  3. Review the schedule. You may want to write out, type out, or memorize the preseason schedule before the week gets away from you. You can sync your calendar on your phone to the TeamSnap app to get the schedule right there at your finger tips. Don’t leave anything up for surprise and review the schedule ahead of time.
  4. Goal-setting. Before any season begins, it’s generally a good idea to think about your goals as a player, but also as a parent and coach. Goal-setting, no matter your role is a great foundation for anything. Make it a discussion and take through goals as a family, team, or friend group.
  5. Communicate with the team. Preseason can bring up a lot of emotions, so before it pops up on everyone, get chatting with the team, new players and parents in the TeamSnap chat feature. Ask questions like, “what is everyone looking forward to this season?” “Who’s bringing oranges for the first game?” Spark the conversation and let it flow. Before you know it the entire team will start to relax and get even more excited for the season to start.
  6. Make sure tasks are assigned and roles are set. In order for preseason to run smoothly, it’s key to make sure people are aware of their assignments and roles. If coaches aren’t responsible for supplying pucks, be sure to let parents know they must have their child pack one. If players are required to bring everything, make that known as well. For additional tasks like snacks, water, and so forth, get all of that taken care of before season. Let preseason be a trial run for the season!
  7. Proper recovery. Preseason days can be long, so make sure your child is properly hydrating and re-fueling post practice. To ensure that the week runs successfully, it’s important to take care of the athlete’s body and mind. [A Parent’s Checklist for Preseason.]

We hope some of these tips will help make this hockey preseason the best yet. If you are looking for more tips and tricks to have the best season yet, check out more hockey content here.

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