The Top 3 TeamSnap Soccer Hacks

Does your young athlete play soccer? Are you looking for tips on how to save time with their busy schedule? Andrea Benton from Raisingboys.TV is here to help. A mother of three kids, she’s got the hacks you need for a successful season.

First hack: Buy your gear second hand. This greatly lowers the already high costs of youth sports. Especially with a game like soccer, where gear can cost hundreds of dollars, we’ve got to save money wherever and whenever we can.

Next hack: Use TeamSnap! Hey, it might sound like we’re tooting our own horn here, but 12 million people around the world agree. The TeamSnap app makes it easy to know where to be, when to be there and what to bring. Your schedule, roster, volunteer tasks, game locations–it’s all there for you when you need it.

Last hack: Make sure your kids are responsible for their own gear. Doing so saves you the headache of managing their stuff while also helping them become more independent. 

We hope these tips help you! If TeamSnap sounds like something you’d be interested in, start your free 21 day trial today to see what all the buzz is about!

Andrea Benton is the host of Raisingboys.TV and a mom of two boys. To see more of her videos, visit her Youtube channel.

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