The Postgame Report: Celebrate The Wins And Grow From the Losses

After a game you may identify with one of the following:

Player: “I wish I could remember what time I scored.”

Parent: “I’m so bummed I missed the game. I wonder what the final score and highlights were?

Coach: “What was that team we just played?”

Friend: “I have to share photos from this game.”

The PostGame Report TeamSnap infographic

Even if word-for-word you may not identify, you can probably relate to the post-game need to replay what just happened. TeamSnap’s Postgame Report feature was designed to let you celebrate the game a little while longer. Review the final score, upload your best photos, relive the banter in chat and see who’s on the roster. Even if the game didn’t go as planned, learn from it, regroup and get the next one.

This feature can be found in your Game Detail screen on your mobile app. We’ll also send you a little reminder after your game has ended to relive the excitement.

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