TeamSnap’s Tips for the Summer Sports Season

Summertime means a summer break, right? Well, maybe not for everybody.

If you’re a summer sport coach or your young athlete is playing a sport this summer, your schedule is probably filling fast. Outdoor games, travel tournaments, driving to practice after practice—yikes! Who knew summer could be so hectic?

If you’re feeling the burn, don’t worry! TeamSnap has your back. These tips and tricks are sure to cool things down for your busy schedule this summer.

Keep Everyone Hydrated!

Softball Team HuddleFor summer sports, proper hydration is an absolute must. When the weather gets super-duper hot, you do not want to be the parent who forgot the water cooler.

Now’s the time to head on over to your handy dandy Refreshments tab. From here, you can see your whole team schedule and what refreshments everyone is bringing to what game. It’s the perfect solution to the aforementioned I-forgot-the-water-cooler moment.

Of course, you won’t see anything unless somebody assigns the refreshments in the first place. So if you’re the coach or team manager, just click on “Assign Refreshment,” then select a name from the dropdown list. In the blank box, go ahead and write whatever you’d like that person to bring. It’s clean, quick and easy.

Stay in Touch, Even While You’re Away

Sure, your young athlete is playing a summer sport. But if you’ve got the chance, take a vacation! For those families taking a summer vacation, TeamSnap Live! is the perfect way to stay in touch.

TeamSnap Live! is sort of like a private chat room just for your team. You can post photos, game scores and live updates right in the app. So if you happen to take a vacation, your young athlete can still find out how his or her friends are doing, no matter where you are. You can even share photos of your trip with the team. With TeamSnap Live!, it’s almost like you never left.

Download the app for Android or iOS and try TeamSnap Live! today!

Set Your Schedule in Advance

Soccer PlayerIf you happen to be a member of one of those families on vacation, there’s no better time than the present to log in and let the coach know when you’re taking off.

Now that you’ve got TeamSnap on your mobile device, head on over to the Schedule tab. If you tap on “All Events,” you’ll see the entire summer schedule for your young athlete’s team. Just tap the little question mark next to each game to mark when your child will and will not be in attendance. If you’ve got a vacation in the works, now the coach knows.

As for coaches, why not log in and get the whole schedule set up? With our web app, it’s easier than ever to build out your schedule. All you need is a .CSV file (or spreadsheet, for those who aren’t nerds). Here’s a template to get you started. Just fill out the necessary info, then select “Import Schedule From File” and upload your spreadsheet. Boom. Schedule completed in minutes.

Yup, summer is busy. But with these tips and the TeamSnap app at your side, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Play on!

Kyle Massa is the content associate manager at TeamSnap. Outside of work, you can find him writing, reading and playing guitar for his cats.

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