TeamSnap’s Advice for New Sports Parents

Being a parent is hard. Being the parent of a young athlete is even harder. So if your young athlete is just getting started with youth sports, you’d probably appreciate a little advice. That’s why we asked everyone here at TeamSnap for their best tips on sports parenting. Without further ado, here’s what we came up with:

Coach Consoling Athlete“Make it fun! Get out in the backyard and practice with them. It builds memories that last a lifetime!” – Kelly Lanter, Technical Account Manager

“Offer them lots of choices and let them decide what they want to try. You’ll soon find out where their passions lie and what suits them best. And contrary to many things you read about youth sports, their choices are not cast in stone by the age of five. My 14 year old is still trying new sports (Ultimate frisbee this winter!).” – Terri Schmier, Vice President of Product Management

“Lay off refs, coaches and schedulers. These people donate tons of time and energy and ask for little or nothing in return. Your kid couldn’t play without them and you have a great opportunity to set a positive example by giving them a break.” – Brian Langtim, Technical Account Manager

“Keep it fun! It doesn’t matter if your child has won trophies or medals that end up collecting dust. What matters is the memories and life lessons learned from sports.” – Jennifer Moore, Customer Support Representative

Softball Team“Volunteer to help coach your child’s teams. Your child will likely enjoy it more, you’ll learn new skills and have a better perspective when your child is being coached by someone else in later ages.” – Chris Bowen, Account Executive

“Have fun with them! Keep it simple and show them the sport is fun to play. Your son or daughter can’t make the the NBA, MLB, NFL or Cow Tipping Championships in elementary school, so relax and have fun with them.” – Brett Rhodes, Partner Manager

“Always let them choose what they want to do. However, once they’ve made a commitment, they should stick it out for that season.” – Jenn Southan, Director of Customer Experience

What advice do you have for new sports parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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