TeamSnap Top 5: Bizarre Sports That You Have Never Heard Of… And Should

Here at TeamSnap, we support over 100 different kinds of sports and non-sports groups. We’re talking everything from Soccer and Softball to Curling and Ki-O-Rahi. This may sound like a lot, but people all over the world create new sports every day so we decided to do some research to see just what we could come up with.

We hope that you will enjoy this wild array of bizarre and extreme sports. And if you happen to be using TeamSnap to manage your cheese rolling team, extreme ironing team, or any other sport listed below, please contact us because we would REALLY like to talk to you… and ask a few questions. Enjoy!

    1. Cheese Rolling: Particularly close to our hearts, Cheese Rolling comes in at number one. It’s fast-paced, a total body workout, and a gouda time. But kids… don’t try this at home.

    1. Ladder Racing: Though just as bizarre, it’s a step up from cheese rolling and requires an elevated skill set of balance and quickness. Ladder Racing is another one that you should not mess around with at home.

    1. Elephant Polo: This type of polo is fun for the whole family!
      Elephant Polo player 1: Where do you keep all of your polo gear?
      Elephant Polo player 2: In the trunk!

    1. Extreme Ironing: Straight edge meets living on the edge. This is one that you probably already do at home and it’s really just a question of turning up the heat.

    1. Extreme Lawnmower Racing: A neighborhood race of your own could cut your chore time in half! Enjoy the clip.

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