Teamsnap Shares Industry Insights During SportTechie Conference

On March 24 and 25, TeamSnap presented at the 2021 SportTechie’s State of the Industry’s [SOTI] virtual event. SOTI is the most comprehensive conference on sports innovation and technology. Covering a wide range of topics, SOTI offers a chance for participants to discover new ideas for their own organizations. This year’s event was fully virtual with 6,700 registrants from 80 countries representing 3,500 organizations and 250 sports teams.

As a proud sponsor of SOTI, TeamSnap’s leadership team had the chance to share important insights during the conference. Founder and CEO Dave DuPont, along with VP of Product Greg Ludke and Head of Customer Success Debbie Holman, discussed how TeamSnap and other technology providers can shift the focus back onto members in order to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever.


Focusing on athletes and accessibility to sport

TeamSnap’s main focus has always centered on the member experience. Over time, we’ve honed our focus from the greater team to the people on the team. From the product experience to the member experience, we’re zooming in, focusing on athletes and their families, so we can better solve their challenges and meet them where they are today.

We may be best known for delivering powerful scheduling and communication solutions, but TeamSnap is also known for being agile and innovative with our products by moving beyond just team management and increasing our footprint for administrators and sports organizations. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing some exciting news on how we’ve innovated TeamSnap to better meet the needs of our growing sports organization customers and helping them deliver a great member experience.

This year, we’ve increased our focus on partnerships with programs like Project Play, which is committed to accessibility to sports for all. In fact, TeamSnap has committed $1 million towards making sports more accessible to underserved youth.


Delivering exceptional member experiences

During the challenges of last year, TeamSnap revisited our secret sauce for a great customer experience. The main ingredient? Deep customer empathy. To us, that means zeroing in on customers’ stories and really hearing their struggles and challenges. Listen to your customers, understand their motivations and values, and know that, instead of “the customer is always right,” the customer’s feelings are always real.

We make a point to get to know our members and athletes so that we can better meet their needs. We recommend taking the time to get to know your customers; really identify who they are, what their challenges are, and how you can help. 

Here’s a roadmap you can use on your journey to improve the customer experience:

  1. Who are your customers? Figure out who your customer is. Where do they live and work?
  2. What are your customers trying to do? Seek out their stories and listen to their goals.
  3. What barriers do they face? Figure out what’s gotten in their way.
  4. What are three ways you can help? Identify the solutions you can bring to the table.


Innovating during COVID-19 and beyond

Over the past year, we’ve prioritized helping our members survive COVID-19. One new feature we’ve introduced is Health Check, a questionnaire within our app that opens 12 hours before an event with COVID-19 symptom screening questions recommended by the CDC. This paid plan feature has been free to all TeamSnap customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We learned that this feature actually contributed to an increase in product usage. 


Like any relationship, trust and empathy take time. It’s our goal to develop that trust and empathy all the time, not just during a pandemic. From our focus on our members to our commitment to accessibility in sport, we strive to continue innovating with and for our customers, as we all venture back into the world of team sports.

Missed the event? Catch up on the recordings linked below.

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