TeamSnap Has Helped This Youth Basketball Organization Get Time Back

Is there ever enough time to play ball? If you ask, Parkway Hoops founder Peter, he’d surely answer: “Never!”

When it comes to running a youth sports organization, the universal and common interest is usually around the sport itself. Kids come to play, parents send their children there to play and develop as athletes and people, and coaches, coach because they love the sport and educating youth. The love for the sport is truly the unifier, but as life does…well, life, time always seems to be the biggest barrier.

Parkway Hoops is a youth basketball organization in Brooklyn, NY. From the very beginning, the program prided itself on love and development in the game of basketball. As a program, they never felt like they had enough time in the day (or daylight) to run practices, let the kids scrimmage, and get in maximum time playing ball. The irony here, is time is even more of an essence for a program like Parkway, because they primarily play outside in the park.

When TeamSnap came into the picture, it was like the sunlight decided to stay a few more hours longer. The app allowed Peter and his coaching staff more visibility and organization across the program to set clear start and end times to practice, schedule around hiccups like rain, snow, and daylight savings. As a feature in the app, the calendar and chat function has been a must-have for Parkway players, parents, and coaches.

Some kids have anywhere from two practices and two games in a day, so making sure that is all communicated ahead of time and in one place for the parents, coaches, and everyone to see is major.

The assignments feature has also allowed Peter to delegate and segment tasks to parent volunteers and his staff. A year ago, he was doing it all; scheduling games, coaching, collecting payments and fees, and booking refs. Now, with the organization and all-in-one place functionality of the TeamSnap app, everyone has a role.

Peter has been able to focus is attention on the court, developing coaches, and keep parents and players engaged and loving basketball. With the time back that he was spending on figuring out everything from the weather, to coaching assignments, game schedules, and more, he can oversee his program more clearly and see it continue to grow.

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