Team Building Activities To Do At The Start Of A Sports Season

If your youth sports team has been off for the summer, here are some team bonding activities you can do with your group during preseason or throughout the beginning of the season. A connected team = a successful team, so by incorporating conversations and activities that bring the group together you are helping get the group on the same page. One of the hardest parts of coaching is bringing a bunch of individuals together to believe and compete for the same goals.

Here are 5 team building activities you can do with your team this season. Make sure everyone can attend and you can actually create an event using TeamSnap’s scheduler.

Scavenger Hunt: Put together a scavenger hunt that includes clues and rhymes that have to do with the team, historical facts about the club, and tasks that require the youth athletes to think outside-of-the-box. Depending where your team practices, you can start the scavenger hunt at your practice location and place clues around the perimeter of the field or within the sports complex. Feel free to get creative, and you can even assign tasks to the parents to make it extra team and family oriented.

Talent Show: This is a great way for the team to step up and show off their talents! While some of the youth athletes may want to run for the hills, it is encouraging and a supportive way for the group to support one another. Little or small, whatever the talent is showcases each member of the team and helps the rest of the team get to know every single person off-the-field as well.

Volunteer Together: Find a cause or event to attend and volunteer at as a group. This can be prompted by the youth athletes themselves, or as a coach you can select an organization or event to bring the team to. TeamSnap Impact: Apply for Support! We’re dedicated to supporting those in need through scholarships and monetary grants, as well as technology grants to gain access to our world-class team management software. If you could benefit from support, we encourage you to apply! 5 Ways To Incentivize Volunteers For Your Sports Club Or League

 A Team Meal: Having a sit-down or organized meal as a team is a wonderful way to get to know one another. Sharing a meal teaches you a lot about who’s next to you, across from you, what he/she/they may like or dislike. Pick a place that can seat a large group and is okay with a little noise, because team meals often bring about a lot of excitement! If you would rather organize a meal with the help of parents and volunteers, a picnic is another option. Have everyone bring a dish, potluck style, that mean something to them and their family and enjoy the food!

Human Knot: Oh the classic game of human knot. If you’ve never struggle to solve the human knot before, you’re impressive. This challenge is a great game for new teams getting to know one another. The group will start standing up in a circle. Each person will grab another person’s hand across from them in the circle, and do so with both hands. Now, as a group, with hands now connected must unravel this massive human knot. The young athletes will surely be stumped at first, but with some communication, resiliency, and leadership they will unravel it.

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