Setting Your Athlete Up for Success this Back-To-School Season

There’s nothing quite like the countdown for back-to-school. Teaching assignments go out, the anticipation about who will be in your class takes over, and let us not forget about fall sports kicking off again. If you are a parent or a coach, TeamSnap has come up with some tips to make sure your young athlete is ready for back-to-school and all of the commitments that come with it. We hope that some of these suggestions are useful and make your life a little bit easier. Be sure to share tips with your fellow friends, parent groups, and teams!

Setting your athlete up for success: Tip # 1

Goal setting is a great way to get any young athlete thinking about what they want to accomplish. Talk to your athlete about what what their short-term and long-term goals are for the next year. Every athlete will think about this question differently, but it’s a great way to prepare them for the next season and year. As a parent, share your goals as well. Maybe for you you just want to see your child fall in love with a new sport short-term, and long-term you want to plan a family vacation in conjunction with the year-end soccer tournament. Whatever your goals are, make it a discussion. This will set your athlete up for success because it will get them in the mindset of a new school year!

Setting your athlete up for success: Tip # 2

A good ole gear check goes a long way. There is a saying look good, feel good! In order to seamlessly transition into a new school year, having the right sports gear and school supplies makes the young athlete feel prepared. It’s likely that your athlete has grown or perhaps is trying a new sport, so be sure to find any new appropriate sizing and make a checklist about the gear you will need. Once you make your list, check it twice!

Setting your athlete up for success: Tip # 3

It’s not too late in the summer to sign your athlete up for a sports camp. Summer sports camps are a great way to stay active when the regular sports season and school year is on pause. Sports camps also prepare your young athlete for the structure that most sports teams have. If there is a sports camp ran by the team or club that your child will be playing on, it’s a great idea to sign-up for a week. This will help the athlete stay ready and as a parent will give you peace of mind knowing who the coaching staff are and how things are run.

Setting your athlete up for success: Tip # 4

Don’t wait last minute to get your athlete’s physical. Do the health checks ahead of time to make sure that your child can get started in competition right away. TeamSnap also has a health check feature which is designed to ensure athletes and staff are ready to go and the entire team can feel safe and good knowing everyone in attendance is in good health.

The Health Check feature, built directly within TeamSnap was designed to help more organizations and teams return with confidence.

Setting your athlete up for success: Tip # 5

Find ways to implement discipline in various scenarios. If your athlete is gearing up for high school sports, there will likely be an intense pre-season workout plan. Before summer ends, encourage your child to grab a friend and train during the off-season. Finding ways to stay in shape and have fun doing it, whether with a friend or with a group of people will make hard moments feel even more rewarding. If you are looking for even more structure, make a weekly schedule with various workout goals. If you are a parent, maybe use this time to get back into shape too!

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