Scheduling Hacks for Parents

If you’re a parent, coach or team manager, keeping your schedule straight is essential. But when you’ve got multiple kids playing multiple sports, that might be easier said than done. Luckily, Andrea Benton of Raisingboys.TV has three scheduling hacks for you to try.

First, set expectations. As a parent, that means talking to your kids about what’s coming up during the day so they can stay on target. Kids can be forgetful, so reminding them of upcoming events can preclude scheduling nightmares. As a coach, setting expectations means completing your schedule on TeamSnap for the whole team to see. That way, when a player shows up late and claims they didn’t know what time practice began, just point to the app.

Speaking of TeamSnap, it’s the best app for hacking your schedule. TeamSnap allows coaches to easily communicate with their teams from phone or desktop. If you’ve got important news about rainouts, time changes or anything else, you can get them to your team in an instant. For parents, it’s the go-to place to find out when games start, where they are and what to bring.

Third, keep track of big events for everyone in the family. If you’ve got young athletes in your family, sometimes it can be tough to work around their busy schedules. Make sure your whole family stays coordinated by keeping all your events in one place. Try hanging a big calendar right in your kitchen. Or, sync your team’s TeamSnap calendar with your personal calendar to get everything in one place.

Scheduling is tough, especially with kids. We hope these tips have made it a little easier for you. And if you’d like to save even more time on scheduling, try TeamSnap today!

Andrea Benton is the host of Raisingboys.TV and a mom of two boys. To see more of her videos, visit her Youtube channel.

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