Why Planning for Back-to-Sports Is Just as Important as Planning for Back-to-School

What happens first: Back-to-sports planning or back-to-school planning? TeamSnap has some insight, parents actually start planning for sports first. While most parents can agree school takes the priority, sports preparation is a little more complicated than folder shopping, finding out who your teacher is, and getting fresh new pencils. When planning for back-to-sports, most parents, coaches, and young athletes are suiting up for a new season of practices, games, new gear, travel plans, and more.

Now, when it comes to setting yourself up for the best season yet this fall,  you are going to want to make sure you are as prepared as possible. TeamSnap helps league organizers, coaches, and players gear up every single season, so here is some insight as to why planning for back-to-sports will set you up for success.

Mindset shift.

When the end of summer approaches, there needs to be a mindset shift. Yes, summer is filled with a lot more free time and ice cream, but in order to be ready for organized sports again, you have to mentally prepare too. Start talking to your young athlete or if you are a coach your team about expectations for the fall. Maybe you discuss development goals or maybe it’s something even simpler like asking questions like, “what are you most excited about for pre-season?” Surprisingly, training your brain to begin thinking more about the weekly sports commitments and individual and team goals will help you and your young athlete cruise right into the season.

The pandemic put youth sports on pause in 2020, but now it’s time to press Play. According to a 2020 Aspen Institute survey, 3 out of 10 kids are no longer interested in playing sports after the COVID-19 shutdown, and we want to help everyone get back in the game. Sports help kids, families, and communities thrive.

Already having a schedule is a dream.

Imagine this, you already have your young athlete’s schedule up and running through the TeamSnap app. This means you aren’t guessing when practices will be, but rather the schedule is set. Coaches and league organizers can begin sending out schedules and updates throughout the summer in the TeamSnap app to help families prepare for the season ahead.

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Order the uniforms in the summer.

That first game always comes faster than you expect. Beat the buzzer and purchase your child’s sports uniform and equipment before the first day. Most teams and leagues have a store on their site and you can purchase directly through the TeamSnap app to make sure your child is dressed to impress. Don’t wait until the week before the first game to do the ordering, look ahead and make sure you have everything you need before the first day of practice.

Find a routine that works.

Summer is a great chance to practice new activities and schedules. Use the summer to play around with your schedule and figure out a routine that works. Maybe you are a parent and you realize Thursdays are just impossible to get the kids to and from practice. Understanding this, ahead of the first Thursday of the season allows you to figure out carpooling, additional practice make-ups, etc.

Talk to the coach.

Most sports clubs and leagues have summer programs. See if you can enroll your child for a camp or clinic so they can either get familiar with the new coaching staff or stay connected to the current staff. As a parent, use the summer to get to know the coach especially if it is a new one this season. Send an email, drop a message in the TeamSnap chat function, or set up a time for a call. Ask all of the questions you want before the season starts. This will not only allow you to start the fall off informed, but also is respectful of the coach’s time. Most coaches want to focus on coaching when the first day of the season starts!

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