Pickleball Organizations Are Turning to TeamSnap To Run Their Teams

If you haven’t heard of pickleball, you are probably not alone. While the sport has been around since 1965, it’s seen rapid growth over the years due to its popularity within community centers, physical education curriculums, YMCA facilities and even retirement homes. According to USA Pickleball, the sport now has nearly 8,500 locations in the United States. The sport was founded in Seattle, Washington one summer when a group of dads were looking to create an activity that was different than the typical summer games for their kids. Pickleball was picked up internationally, and over the years has grown rapidly with international clubs and new national governing bodies created across multiple continents.

Pickleball clubs, leagues, and teams have been turning to TeamSnap to help with organizational needs, communication solutions, scheduling, and more.

Haleigh Svede, a soccer coach in New Jersey plays on a local pickleball team in Jersey City. “It’s awesome to know who is able to attend certain days so we can figure out the best time and day to meet to play,” Svede told TeamSnap. Svede’s pickleball team is comprised of athletes from all different parts of New York City and New Jersey so having a centralized place for communication has been a game changer.

“I also use TeamSnap for my soccer team, so it’s been amazing to have one app that I can use to manage two different teams with entirely different schedules, commitments, and personnel.”

For pickleball teams that use TeamSnap, you can guarantee an easy-to-use team chat, notifications for any last-minute alerts and scheduling, assignment and role clarity, plus payment collection and real-time game sharing! Pickleball clubs and leagues are

Deanna Hecht, a college soccer coach at Illinois College plays on a recreational pickleball team with fellow coaches in the area. She’s unfortunately had to miss a lot of her games this past season due to her college soccer coaching commitments. “Using TeamSnap has been especially nice this past season, because I’ve been able to see live updates, photos, and scores from all of the games, even when I’m not there,” Hecht told TeamSnap.

A pickleball club or league that make the choice to use TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues can create new seasonal, camps/clinics, events, and tournament programs for your club. You will have features like:

  • A full report on all active seasons across your programs with team, player, commissioner, and coach counts,
  • Set up unique permissions and bank accounts for your programs.
  • Integration with competition tools to simplify complex scheduling requirements.

Whether you are on a pickleball team and are looking to streamline communication and focus on the fun part, the game itself, or a pickleball club or league trying to manage multiple programs, TeamSnap can help you spend more time on the court and less time handling the backend.

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