Learn How To Sync Your Personal Calendar To Your TeamSnap Calendar

Fall is here which means you may have a calendars in paper form, on your phone, your laptop, on a whiteboard, you name it. One of the easiest ways to actually know when things are happening is to sync your TeamSnap calendar with your own personal calendar. Trust us, this will save you plenty of time sifting through emails and texts to try and remember when soccer practice is.

Since most of us are constantly on the go, the calendars we rely on are right at our fingertips aka on our cellphone. TeamSnap has many ways to help you export your schedule within the app to sync with your personal calendar. If you use Apple iCal, Google Calendar, any iCal-calendar type you can actually get your TeamSnap schedule to automatically show in your personal calendar.

Here’s how: Head to the “schedule” tab and select the subscribe / export button. Then you will click on the “subscribe to this calendar” button. Another option is we can provide a unique URL which you can copy and paste directly into your calendar program.

You may be wondering, what happens if there’s a change in schedule? Don’t worry at all because if a coach or manager makes any changes to the schedule it will be updated and reflected automatically on your personal calendar too.

Love that my husband and I can both have all of our kids’ multiple schedules in one place. Easy to merge into our Google calendar.” — Holly O.

Syncing your TeamSnap calendar to your personal calendar is also a helpful tool if you have many schedules and various sports to keep track of. You can sync all of your kids schedules in one place which is helpful if you’re trying to remember if you are on carpool duty or not.

Looking for additional resources to get rid of the manual importing of schedules? Check out this post about how syncing your calendars can help you get more organized this year.

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