How To Use TeamSnap To Organize Your Soccer Team’s Preseason

The preseason panic, it doesn’t have to occur! While preseason is a staple for many sports across the world, as they gear up for their seasons, it doesn’t have to be the dress rehearsal gone bad. Just like a coach, team manager, and organization plans out everything for the soccer season ahead, the same should be done for preseason. With TeamSnap, don’t worry about gathering all of the player’s information on your own, stressing out over times and dates, just let go and let TeamSnap handle the preseason planning.

Here’s how TeamSnap can help your soccer team get organized and feel ready for a great season ahead this preseason.

From a full functioning team chat, to last-minute alerts and notification, to scheduling, assignments, payment collection and real-time game sharing – the features are built for your soccer team’s unique needs. Here are some of the top features that will simplify your preseason.


 A big part of preseason planning is scheduling. You will want to have a plan in place in terms of how many practices, how many weeks for preseason and make it clear and accessible for the families. Look no further.

  • Create worry-free schedules and sync directly to Google or iCal.
  • Make it work for you! Edit dates, expected arrival times, opponents, the game results, and even the location with a Google Maps link
  • Choose your view. Generate and view your team’s schedule as a list, or see it laid out on a calendar to get the full picture.
  • Schedule and coordinate team practices as well as meetings, events, fundraisers and more.


Ahead of the season, communication is everything. There are so many unknowns as a season approaches: What the competition is going to be like, who’s going to play, what the dynamic of the team is going to be, and so on. Get ahead of the communication and lean on TeamSnap for all your individual and group communication. 

  • Chat with the team, send last-minute alerts (say bad weather on the horizon) or message custom groups
  • No more hunting down phone numbers or email addresses! Message individual players, parents and coaches, or create custom groups. Maybe this year for preseason you are having separate practices for positions, create a chat with the attackers, defenders, and midfielders.
  • Last-minute change or cancellation? Use Team Chat to send a message to everyone without worrying about who’s on the list.
  • Communicate on the go. By having this option at your fingertips, it’s easy for busy parents and coaches to know where to be, what to bring, and when things are happening even on the go.


It takes a team to put together a great preseason. The assignments feature helps coaches, parent managers, volunteers and others to stay on top of their tasks and responsibilities. 

  • Stay on top of volunteer assignments, tasks and signups.
  • Whether it’s remembering the water cooler or snapping pics for the team’s social account; your volunteers will know what they need to do.
  • Keep a running list of everything that needs to get done. (Don’t forget to tell someone to bring extra water!)
  • Have a few tasks that are up for grabs? Roster members can assign themselves to open volunteer slots.

Check out the rest of TeamSnap’s features here.

With scheduling, communication, and assignments accounted for, you’re in good shape to knock this preseason out of the park.


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