How to Use TeamSnap in the Offseason

The offseason is here. For some, coming down from a busy season is hard. Your brain might not easily switch from coach mode to chill mode. Worrisome questions may be keeping you up at night: What will you do now? How will your players stay in shape? Is it even possible to relax knowing next season starts out with a killer first game?

While this is the perfect time to recuperate from your busy coaching schedule, it’s not the time to throw in the towel. There are tons of ways to stay productive in the offseason. TeamSnap is here to help you and your team get through the offseason, and return more ready than ever. So, put your coaching hat back on and let’s get started.

Team Events

Nothing says ‘team’ quite like camaraderie and friendship. But when the season ends, players can have a hard time staying in touch. The good news is players don’t have to say goodbye when the season ends. Foster those strong relationships by hosting offseason get togethers. Using TeamSnap’s features, you can easily plan BBQs, fundraisers and trips to the lake.  

Schedule your team event using the schedule feature. It’s the perfect way to get a headcount, just like you would for your games. Easily assign who’s bringing macaroni and cheese and who’s handling carpools with the assignments feature. Then split the costs with TeamSnap payments!

Offseason Training

For many athletes, the offseason means specialized clinics, strength training and conditioning. TeamSnap’s availability feature is key to ensuring offseason training is a success. Simply put the training on the team calendar, track player availability to know who’s coming, and use messaging to keep players updated.

The easiest way to share workouts with your team is through TeamSnap. Use messaging to send skills and drills videos, customized workouts, and images of workouts or exercises. 

Team Communication

When are tryouts? What camps should players consider? When is the team barbecue? With Team Chat, it’s a breeze to communicate with your team year round. Easily notify players of offseason training, team events, and specialized camps with a tap.

The season may be over, but you’re still their coach. Your players look to you for guidance and motivation. They need you to push them even when they’re tired, to inspire them when they’re down, and cheer when they succeed—even in the offseason. Send weekly motivational quotes, share inspiring stories from their sport, and check in to see how they’re doing, right from the app.

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Lisa Hope is a product marketing manager with TeamSnap and a marketing professor at the University of Florida.

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