How to Make the Most of TeamSnap Invoicing

Changing current habits and beginning to use a new feature in TeamSnap may seem overwhelming.

Rest assured, getting started with TeamSnap Invoicing is incredibly easy and will ultimately save you time collecting payments.

To help you make the most of TeamSnap Invoicing, here are just four ways our customers are putting it to use today.

1. Congratulations, you made the team! Please pay your dues.

If your club, league or association has competitive teams, you know how tricky it can be to collect dues. You set up registration for tryouts, but since not everyone will make the team, you only charge a small fee up front. For those who do make the team, you need to collect their dues for the season. This is where Invoicing comes into play. Instead of forcing everyone who made the team go through a second registration form to pay, you simply send them an invoice. They pay, it’s recorded in TeamSnap and the money flows directly into your organization’s bank account–clean and simple.

2. And now for some additional team fees.

Hiring a skating coach, purchasing more batting cage time and participating in more tournaments all cost money. When unplanned expenses occur, Invoicing can help! Create an “additional team fees” invoice and you can collect the money up front.

3. Don’t forget your uniforms!

While it’s true that some organizations collect payment for uniforms during the registration process, many others do not. For those of you who change uniforms every few years, returning players may need only a new pair of socks while a new player would need to purchase the whole kit and caboodle. It’s easy to create invoices for new players vs returning players to help ensure everyone gets charged appropriately.

4. Speaking of returning players…

Some registrars don’t need to collect new paperwork each year for returning players. If the only thing you need to collect is this year’s fees, then skip the registration form. By setting up an invoice, you offer a simple, personalized solution for returning players that saves them (and you!) time.

If your club, league or association is using TeamSnap Invoicing, we’d love to hear how it has helped your organization. If you need help getting started with Invoicing, we’ve got a webinar for you or learn more about TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues.


Stephanie Cipresse is a TeamSnap Senior Product Manager. When she’s not thinking about the collection of money she enjoys spending time with her family, yoga-ing, hiking with the dog and managing her kids’ sports teams with TeamSnap.

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