How To Be an Efficient Sports Team Manager in 3 Steps

Are you a volunteer or full-time team manager? Is being more efficient something you need to work on? Well hold onto your hats because Andrea Benton, host of and a TeamSnap hockey team manager, discusses her top three efficiency and time management tips in this video for sports team managers!

First off, it’s important to set expectations with parents so everyone is on the same page. Have a meeting at the beginning of the year to discuss what’s going to happen, how you’re going to communicate and who’s going to be responsible for things like snacks and refreshments at games. It’s best to get these conversations out of the way early, maybe even before the season starts, so that everyone can enjoy the season without wondering what they’re supposed to be doing. You might even consider distributing a reminder document, just in case you need your parents to refer back to it later on in the season (but let’s hope not!).

Second, technology can be your best friend. Why stick with pencils and paper when you’ve got sports team management software and mobile apps like TeamSnap out there? Make things easier on yourself. You can save a ton of time communicating with your team and streamlining a huge number of tasks. Where’s the next game? Who’s responsible for those snacks? What about team payments? You can even create customizable fields to track anything that’s not already built-in to the app. There’s no better way to save your sanity.

Third up, set the bar low and make things as easy and straightforward as possible. Don’t want to organize the end of the year party? You don’t have to. Don’t spend hours of your life on administration! It might be tempting to try and do everything, but remember, you’ve got a team of other parents and volunteers with you. Figure out which tasks you can handle and which ones you need help on. Don’t feel like you need to put the team on your back! It’s all about having fun at the end of the day, so set out your priorities from the start, make sure parents and players show up to games on time and don’t forget to smile.

With TeamSnap, efficiency and time management can be yours in just a few clicks. The leading sports team management software helps you with everything from rosters to availability, scheduling and instant communication. Get started saving time with TeamSnap now!

Andrea Benton is the host of and a mom of two boys. To see more of her videos, visit her Youtube channel.

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