Hockey Parent’s Survival Guide for the Holiday Tournament Season

The holiday sports tournament season can be a hectic time for parents, with multiple games, practices, and events to manage. Here are five tips to help specifically you hockey parents out there, survive and make the most of the season.

Plan and Prioritize. 

You’ve probably heard this one before, but do yourself a favor and create a schedule that includes all the tournament dates, game times, and practices. Make sure to account for travel time and any other commitments your family may have during the season. Pro tip: If you have the TeamSnap app, this will plan and organize all of these events for you! You can also make a separate list that prioritizes events based on importance and feasibility. You may not be able to attend every game or practice, so focus on the key events and communicate with your child about your availability. Our partners at the Positive Coaching Alliance have put together these guidelines for practice times. This is especially helpful when considering the holidays and vacations.

Coordinate with Other Parents.

You are only as good as the people around you! So look to build a network with other parents on the team. This can help with carpooling, sharing responsibilities, and providing support for each other. You can also use the TeamSnap app to coordinate carpooling schedules, chatting, or sharing your calendar with other parents.

Stay Organized.

If possible, try to keep all necessary gear, uniforms, and equipment in a designated sports bag. For the sake of this article, we’re talking all of the hockey gear! We know there is a lot of equipment for this sport, but this will help you minimize the chances of forgetting essential items on game days. Another way to make sure you don’t forget, and your child doesn’t either, is to create a checklist for each game or tournament to ensure you have everything you need, including snacks, water, and any required paperwork.

Encourage Healthy Habits.

For your own well-being, do your best to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet to keep energy levels up during busy tournament days. Pack healthy snacks and meals for both you and your child. Prioritize sleep, good eating habits not just before game days, but leading up to them too. A well-rested family is better equipped to handle the demands of a hectic schedule.

Celebrate Achievements and Have Fun:

Remember that the holiday sports tournament season is not just about the competition but also about enjoying the experience and building positive memories. Celebrate your child’s achievements, whether big or small, and focus on the enjoyment of the game. Avoid placing too much pressure on winning and emphasize the importance of effort, sportsmanship, and dedication!

By planning ahead, staying organized, collaborating with other parents, prioritizing events, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can navigate the holiday sports tournament season more smoothly and make it an enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

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